About Book

Steve James Watson’s Soul Systematic, is about unlocking our potential to recover from anxiety, panic attacks and depression. He guides the reader through a 30 day process of healing, that will help anyone struggling with mental health issues. He also reveals his own personal experience with all three of these mental issues and his personal experience of how he overcome them.

The Soul Systematic process works deeply into everyday life patterns and consists of 13 methods to help recover the soul. Other aspects of the book goes into spirituality and how our understanding can help heal us. He touches on the soul and body and how both roles play an important part of the healing process.

About Author

Steve James Watson is the author of Soul Systematic. He had been a sufferer of anxiety, panic attacks and depression for over a decade. During his experience, It was a painful journey trying to get through the suffering and come out the other side fully recovered again.

My personal experience:

I had many experiences suffering with panic attacks, that made my life dreadful to live. My social life was badly affected throughout this experience. Years on, I started to get really bad anxiety attacks and experience horrible depression. It wasn't until one day, I finally discovered solutions that would change my life for the better.